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Case Study

Maury Davis explains the importance of why you need consulting.

The Challenge

Maury Davis is a former pastor turned coach and consultant specializing in personal development for pastors and church growth. His team wanted a complete rebuild of their Wordpress website. They felt that their site didn't truly convey their branding and message and that it lacked good user flow. They also wanted an updated look with the addition of a Partner Portal for monthly subscribers.

Another concern was ranking and indexing with search sites and search engines like Google and Bing. Their current website wasn't ranking well, and they wanted to see an increase in organic growth. In other words, when a user typed in a particular keyword or key phrase, their website was on page 2 or 5 or 10 of Google.

With all of this in mind, the overall challenge was that they didn't have a user-friendly optimized website that looked current, followed current trends, and that lacked ranking on search engines. They wanted a professional looking and functioning website along with a high ranking on search engines.

Our website was dated and lacked good user flow. We needed an overhaul that truly conveyed our branding and message.
— Danielle Childers, Maury Davis Ministries, Old Hickory, TN

The Strategy

I use a four-step process for every website I build: planning, design, development, and launch. After meeting with the MDM team, we came up with a strategy that met their expectations and scope of the project.

Their new website would require the following:

  • revamping all copy and adding professional quality images;

  • integrating a 3rd party membership app that would allow a partner portal;

  • adding an eCommerce store to sell products;

  • creating infographics;

  • switching hosting over to a better hosting company and plan;

  • designing the website to convey trust;

  • providing a SEO-friendly framework to ensure proper meta tagging, header hierarchy, and page description;

  • and great user experience.

I met with the MDM team to work through a sitemap and a full working mockup so they could understand the layout and design. I also wanted our process to be transparent and smooth to ensure all expectations could be met. Throughout the process, I provided constant communication and collaboration with our client, something the MDM team appreciated.

Not only was Jeremy able to build us a fantastic website but he was able to communicate to us ‘tech jargon’ in a way we could understand. His professionalism and communication are superb.
— Maury Davis


After launch, the MDM team continued to work hard at marketing their site. They told me that the response on the new website from their users was very positive. They had numerous users tell them how fantastic the website looked and how easy it was to navigate.

They also had several compliments on how well the eCommerce store worked and how easy it was to purchase a product or sign up for the monthly membership.

Currently, they are beginning to see an increase in organic website traffic and I continue to provide monthly maintenance and support for them. They are also starting to see better ranking on search engines.

This project was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Maury Davis Ministries team.

View their website here.

Our clients love our new website!
— Danielle Childers, Maury Davis Ministries, Old Hickory, TN

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