How much does a website cost?

I start Squarespace websites at $1,500 and Wordpress websites at $2,000.

Do you do SEO?

No. However, I do make sure that all of your website’s meta tagging, header hierarchy, site descriptions, image tagging, and copy adheres to SEO standards. I do have several SEO specialist that I work with that would be able to provide you with SEO services. I highly recommend SEO for your website. SEO is crucial to your success and increasing your web presence.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is the process or discipline of getting traffic from search engines like Google and Bing and other organic or natural search results.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website building CMS (Content Management System) that uses templates to build websites.

What is a domain?

A domain is what people type into their web browser to find your website. Example:

Do I need to register my own Domain?

Yes. You will need to purchase your own domain if you haven’t done that already. I highly recommend using GoDaddy as your domain register. Here is a link on how to create a GoDaddy account.

Here is a great link on how to pick the perfect domain name.

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